Vitaliy Klitschko met with French politician, former Minister of Economy and Finance of France, supporter of liberal economy Mr. Alain Madelin in Kyiv. 

The politician expressed respect and admiration for the heroism of the Ukrainian people, our defenders, volunteers, all Ukrainians who have been defending their country from the aggressor for a month.

Mr Alain Madelin emphasized Ukraine’s political support as a sovereign state with a democratic government and suggested that Europe, together with Ukraine, demonstrate the desire and will to develop close relations to ensure peace and prosperity based on shared values ​​of democracy and freedom of choice.  Mr Madelin suggested opening an EU headquarters in the heart of Kyiv as soon as possible, the House of Europe, as a symbol and signal that the EU is opening its doors to Ukraine’s hopes and aspirations. 

During a meeting with a French politician, Vitaliy Klitschko reiterated that today Ukraine is a stronghold of the struggle for freedom and democratic values ​​that the Russian aggressor has encroached on.  And today Ukrainians shed their blood for their future and for the future of Europe and the principles and values ​​of the civilized world. 

The Paris Council unanimously supported granting Kyiv honorary citizenship.

By awarding this title, for the first time in history – to the city, Paris has once again demonstrated its friendship and support for the capital of Ukraine – a state that is today fighting for its independence and freedom.

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